I am a landscape professional by trade and education based in Manila with more than nine years in local plants, their applications in various types of gardens, designing, sourcing, and building gardens.

I studied at the University of the Philippines, Diliman, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture from the College of Architecture, and took up Urban & Regional Planning at the UP School of Urban & Regional Planning, stopping short of completing my Master’s with 18 units finished. Even while at school, I worked with I.P. Santos, who’s considered to be the father of Philippine Landscape Architecture,  thru the College of Architecture’s apprenticeship program and with UP Plannades on their Subic CBD Project.

I was part of the GMA government’s initiative for socialized housing in Cavite thru PNOC Development & Management Corporation for three years before moving on to a career in construction, landscape construction that is, with D.M. Consunji Inc. thru DMCI Homes.

I’ve also worked with local landscape contractors and been around the local plant suppliers and nurseries in the Greater Manila Area.

I served as an officer of the Philippine Association of Landscape Architects as AVP for internals and a board member for 2010.

As of the present, I am a project manager for the AECOM Tourism & Hospitality team based in Manila, handling projects stretched throughout China and parts of Asia.

7 thoughts on “Biography

      1. What are the strengths that you need in order to be successful in this field?
        What are the things that you should enjoy doing so that you would enjoy this career? 🙂

      2. Hello po! What if I’m taking up BS Architecture in DLS-CSB. Can I still become a Landscape Architect which is my dream career? What are the things I’m going to do after graduating with this degree which is not BLA? (Unfortunately, I was late in discovering that there’s a course like this in UPD that’s why I can’t transfer anymore)

  1. Hi, I came across your nice blog in my search for a freelance landscape architect. I basically am just a nature-lover who afforded a small farm lot in Alfonso. I was thinking if you would be able to refer me to freelancers whom I can consult/contract with and who won’t charge me as big as the big landscape firms?

    Thank you and your help is appreciated.

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